About Us

Medallion Jewelers has been located in the beautiful Village of Larchmont, NY since 1997. Owner Frank Tedesco fell in love with Larchmont because of its old city, small town feel.

Frank worked under the tutelage of his father, Renato Tedesco, who came from a family of jewelers and watchmakers. Renato perfected his skills in Italy in the 1930's before immigrating to the United States in the 1950's. While in the US, he worked for high end jewelers such as world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston, known for his timeless pieces. After leaving Harry Winston, Renato worked for various jewelry stores in Westchester County, NY before opening his own store in the 1980's.

Frank began his apprenticeship at 14 years old, starting with polishing jewelry and gradually began the fine art of jewelry making and repair. His father immediately recognized Frank's skillful hands and told him jewelry was his destiny ... the rest is history.

Frank has built an impeccable reputation for his fine craftsmanship, customer service and unbeatable prices. Please stop by and say hello!